Can I be your dream tonight….

As I stripped down to my lingerie, and placed myself wide legged over the gentleman on the floor, I thought about all of the wicked things I wanted to do to him. I smiled a little bit, and he put his hand before his mouth. To be fair, I don’t think that this is what he had expected this Friday night when I had picked up after my Chelmsford escorts shift. I could not help it, I was in a really naughty mood, and up for a bit of a slap and tackle.

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I told him to roll over on the floor, and placed myself at the back of his legs. Having placed a pillow on the floor earlier to protect that massive erection of his, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had felt that I had a food fetish coming on all day at Chelmsford escorts and count think of nothing else as I placed strawberries and sprayed cream on his firm bottom. It was turning me on like mad, and I was sure that he must feel me quickly becoming when in my crutchless knickers.

To make sure that I was in total control, I told him to roll back over again, and placed a strawberry between my pussy lips and told him to eat. He looked at me totally surprised as I sprayed cream on my nipples and asked him to suck them clean. What do you do for a living he asked. Well, I was not going to tell him I worked for Chelmsford escorts services. I wanted him to think that I was just a naughty girl looking for a bit of fun.

All of a sudden I fancied a bit of oral, and I lowered myself right into his face. I spread my legs that little bit more, and told him to get hos tongue right in there. Reaching for my tickler which was laid on the living room table, I started to tickle his balls. He muttered something about he thought it was a cat toy, and I told him that I was his little pussy tonight. By now I was pretty sure that he was not a guy you would normally get hanging around with Chelmsford escorts.

I was getting close, so I slipped him inside me gripping him tight. He went back to putting his hand over his mouth, but I told him I wanted to hear him, and placed my hands firmly on his as I rode him to a giant climax. As he laid there totally spent, I took a look at him. He was really a handsome man, and I could do with more of him. I wondered if I would ever see him again, and decided that he was the perfect treat after a long day at Chelmsford escorts. He left a little while later with my phone number in his phone. I wonder if he will dare to come to see me again…