How much does a web cam girl earn?

A friend of my who used to work with me at Paddington escorts, moved over to the US and became a web cam girl. Originally she had gone over to Los Angeles to try to make it in the porn movie industry in Los Angeles, but it was hard for her to find a job. But she loved living in Los Angeles, and after managing to get a student VISA for two years, she ended up staying in Los Angeles to work – as a web cam girl.

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I have thought about doing the same here in the UK, and some of the Paddington escorts girls, do so on a part time basis. However, they do not earn as much as my friend back in Los Angeles and I think I would rather go there. The web cam industry seems to be a lot better organised in the States than it is in the UK, and that is what I like about it. It seems that the American do take the industry seriously and take pride in it as well.

My friend who has no plans when it comes to coming back to the UK, says that she earns about $20,000 per month. For that she is having to work really hard, but she gets a great lifestyle to go with it. She is renting this really nice apartment and at the same time, she is taking a professional certificate in yoga. Having the right to stay for two years has helped a lot and I am sure she is going to do well for herself.

She has also met a nice guy, so I guess that makes it even less likely that she would like to come back to us here at Paddington escorts. It seems a shame because she was one of the most successful escorts who had ever worked for Paddington escorts. I am sure that the boss is missing her services and I certainly know that many of the gents she used to date, miss her as well. She is coming back for a holiday, so we have to see how she is getting on.

Would I move out there? I am doing okay at Paddington escorts but sometimes I do feel like a bit of an adventure. My girlfriend has said that she would help me to find a job with the web cam service she works for. I originally thought about trying the porn star industry myself, but after my friend’s experience with it, I don’t think that I am going to bother. The agency she works for sounds really good and they do a lot of promotional work. It would be great to earn some good and perhaps even get a chance to live in the sunshine for a couple of years. I have been to California before and I must say that I do like the California lifestyle, it could be perfect for me, and I love to spend my spare time on the beach.